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Heat Soaked Safety Glass


Heat Soaked Safety Glass has been through an additional testing process to detect any impurities within the structure of the glass that will cause breakage after installation. We recommend Heat Soaked Safety Glass as a safeguard against possible spontaneous breakage.
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What is Heat Soaked Safety Glass?     
It's a quality testing process that is aimed at detecting any impurities within the glass such as Nickle Sulphide Inclusions (NiS). The glass is reheated and then slowly cooled. Doing this accelerates the expansion of any inclusions, and generally causes the glass to fail immediately. This reduces the possibility of spontaneous breakage after installation.

Because this process is additional, Heat Soaked Safety Glass is more expensive to purchase. But then the  extra cost can be justified when you consider replacement costs and all the other additional charges if spontaneous breakage does occur.  We recommend Heat Soaked Safety Glass on all projects as we believe the benefits of it far outweigh the costs.

Glass Types
Clear, Tinted, Low Iron, Low E, Acid Etch, Patterned.
All edgework (polish, grind) and drilling processes (holes, cutouts) available.

This product from Glass Solutions uses the same independent Auditing Companies as all the major New Zealand Glass suppliers. Our Auditing Process is conducted by SAI Global and Bureau Veritas. So in full confidence we can say our quality meets (or even exceeds) the products currently supplied in New Zealand.

Lead Time
8 - 12 weeks from confirmation of order.
Certified timber end caps or cases can be made to customers' requirements.

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