COMF-E Optimum Double Glazed Units


COMF-E is a range of highly efficient, premium double glazing with the added benefit of Low E Coating. The clever microscopic coating keeps your space cooler in summer (by reflecting heat) and warmer in winter (reflecting the heat back inside) without compromising the amount of light that enters.
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COMF-E Double Glazing
A premium double glazing system that can be used on both residential and commercial projects. It utilises the latest glass products available internationally and has a high focus on thermal and solar efficiency. COMF-E double glazing sets new standards in the industry and is now the benchmark for quality.

As with all projects, we advise a consultation before making any final decisions on your double glazing. This is so we can introduce you to the full range of the glass products available and ensure your order is exactly what's required and 'fit for purpose'. 

Spacer Types
Aluminium, Stainless Steel or other Warm Edge Spacers.

Spacer Thickness
6 – 24mm.

Sealant Types
PIB primary seal, Polysulphide, Silicone or Hot Melt Butyl secondary seal.

Glass Types
Clear, Tinted, Low Iron, Low E, Acid Etch, Patterned, Reflective, Decorative Float, Laminated, Toughened or Heat Strengthened.
Triple Glazing available.

Up to 2700mm x 3500mm with aluminium spacer.
Larger sized units are available on request, please call to discuss specific size requirements. 

Lead Time
8 – 12 weeks from order confirmation.  
Steel or timber end caps or crates can be made to customers’ requirements.

Double Glazing Units of Quality
Glass Solutions use the same independent Auditing Companies as all the major New Zealand Glass suppliers. Our Auditing Process is conducted by SAI Global and Bureau Veritas, using these two reputable and well known businesses gives us the confidence to say our quality meets (or even exceeds) the products currently supplied in New Zealand.

Comprehensive Warranty 

To view / download Glass Solutions COMF-E warranty click here.

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